Our Story A Creative Story

70 Years of History with a Look!

In 2020 the cooperative completes 70 years next to the producer and the consumer.

Many people have contributed to this path.

Looking at today, we can safely say that this success story will continue, for many decades, to be a factor of growth and quality production.

Our Story


The difficult economic periods after World War II have forced the Laconian farmers to set up cooperative associations in each village and thus enjoy privileges such as cheap farm supplies and the use of machinery to cultivate and harvest the crops of rice (wheat, wheat, dahlia)


Thanks to the daring energies of some producers, the Laconian plain begins to turn from rice fields and cotton crops to citrus orchards.


Local cooperative associations make their first exports of fruit and vegetables to Germany.


The Peristeri cooperative with 56 members and the seat of Skala Laconia is founded.


The Eurofrut cooperative with 132 members and the seat of Skala Laconia is founded.


The two cooperatives unite their forces, absorbing the co-operatives of Mola, Asopos Papadianikon and thus establishing the SAE. Skala, the largest producer organization that Greece has to show.


The financial prosperity of the A.S.E. leads its members to make a decision to create a model standard packing machine, as well as fresh juice juice


A standard packaging system is established for the citrus sector in the Balkans with a capacity of 24 tonnes per hour.