Products from Laconic Land

Citrus of Laconia

The excellent biodiversity of our fertile valley offers the possibility of producing 365 days a year in both Oranges and Mandarins.

Orange is the most popular citrus tree in the world that we all love for its delicious juicy fruit, the cool juices we roast, and of course the sweet of the spoon that we make with its peel. Orange, in addition to its unique flavor, is a rich source of vitamin C.


Mandarins, fruits of longevity

One of the predominantly winter fruits significantly reduces the likelihood of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and liver cancer while its frequent consumption protects the body from common colds. Though small in size, they feature impressive nutrients: fiber, vitamins A and C, iron, potassium, carotene, phosphorus, calcium and folic acid, and they contain very few calories.


Seasoning of Oranges

  • Valencia
  • Nava Line
  • Merlin
  • Lane Late
  • Navel Late

Seasoning of Mandarins

  • Climentine
  • Ortanic
  • Nova